The team Sound Systems and Signals: Audio/Acoustics, InstruMents creates theoretical, technological, and experimental tools based on multiphysic systems and the sound signals they produce. The team is interested in exploring, understanding, reproducing, and inventing sound objects in audio, acoustics, focusing on musical instruments and the production of the human voice.

More precisely, the objectives are to model, simulate, identify, and optimize these systems (voice, musician/instrument, loudspeakers, audio electronic effects, etc.) using physics to reveal and benefit from their intrinsic structures. The team creates methods for analysis, transformation, control, and simulation of sounds as well as tools to assist conception in virtual, real, or hybrid paradigms.

This global approach, “systems and signals” creates a synergy in the conception of these tools, connecting—not merely juxtaposing—several disciplines and scientific fields: physics, theory of systems and control, differential geometry, numerical analysis, signal processing, computer science, electronics, mechatronics, and robotics.

Target applications concern scientific, artistic, educational, and healthcare domains.

Interest Areas and Associated Projects

  • Physical modeling of musical instruments and voice
  • Sound synthesis based on physical modeling
  • Experimental robotic platforms: robotic artificial mouth to play brass instruments, robotic vocal apparatus at a 1:1 scale
  • Identification of non-linear systems
  • Control of non-linear systems
  • Instrumental acoustics (projects: Cagima, PAFI, Augmented Instruments, Imarev, Smart Instruments)

Specialist Areas

Acoustics, mechanics, non-linear systems, control, signal theory, differential geometry, digital analysis, experimentation, mechatronics, real and virtual instrument-making, sound synthesis


Athena-RIC (Greece), Cabrilog SAS (France), Cambridge University (UK), C2RMF-Louvre (Paris), Centre Bernoulli-EPFL (Switzerland), EPCC-Edinburgh Univ. (UK), GIPSA-lab (Grenoble), IJLRA-UPMC (Paris), IMJPRG-UPMC (Paris), Imperial College London (UK), ISAE-Sup’Aéro (Toulouse), LAGEP-université Lyon-1, LaSiE-université de la La Rochelle, LEOPOLY (Hungary), LMA-CNRS (Marseille), LMD-ENS (Paris), Mines ParisTech (Paris), NTNU (Trondheim, Norway), Thalès Group (France)

Ongoing projects
Finite4SoSANR project2015-2020
iMuSciCAHorizon 20202017-2019
INFIDHEMANR-DFG project2016-2019
Former projects
HamecMopSysANR project2011-2016
CagimaANR project2011-2015
Permanent staff
Joël BensoamResearcherIRCAM
Henri BoutinSenior LecturerSorbonne Université
René CausséReseacher (Emeritus)IRCAM
Brigitte d'Andréa-NovelProfessorSorbonne Université
Thomas HélieSenior Researcher (team leader)CNRS
Robert PiéchaudEngineerIRCAM
David RozeResearcherCNRS
PhD students
Pierre CarréPhD studentSMAER, SU2018 -
Tristan LebrunPhD studentSMAER, SU2016 -
Rémy MullerPhD studentEDITE, SU2015 -
Victor WetzelPhD studentSMAER, SU2018 -
Marc WijnandPhD studentSMAER, SU2017 -
Non permanent staff
Quentin LamerandEngineeriMuSciCA project
Djellal ChalabiEngineeriMuSciCA project
Damien BouvierPhD studentEDITE, SU2015 - 2018
Antoine DeschampsInternENSEA2015
Antoine FalaizePhD student (Defense,Thesis)EDITE, UPMC2012 - 2016
Marguerite JossicPhD student (Thesis)SMAER, UPMC2014 - 2017
Nicolas LopesPhD student (Defense,Thesis)SMAER, UPMC2012 - 2016